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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Starting over is better than not starting at all.

In this world there are many different factors that can hold one back or derail ones goals of achieving something. That has happen to me but things change. You get going on your life path and think that this time will be different than all the other times before. This time you will be able to stick with your plan and you will be achieving your goals that you have set forth in the time frame that you what it accomplish them. Then life looks at you and says "that is cute when he tries. Lets just do this and this and time to start over from scratch." And so I sit here right now scratch day +1. I have decided this is it. I got knocked down and have gotten back up. I am going to do 2 months of dedicated training. If I stick with it then I will join the Y to add the swimming to my training. I feel like if I can stick to the training that I have in place from a mental stand point, then I will stick with the whole thing and compete in Triathlons next year. I understand that injuries or just normal life events could slow down the plan, but from a mental stand point I can let that stop me. I can say "oh well I will just go back next Monday and start from where I left." Cause what happens is Monday comes around and I find an excuse not to go back on Monday. Then Tuesday the same thing and I am the type of person that has to start on a Monday or it just doesn't feel right. I have created that mentalty in my head that "if I don't start on Monday then I can't workout the rest of that week."

So here we are. I will be doing this blog again while I train. Talking about what I am doing, what works, what doesn't, products that I use and supplements that help me thru my training. I will also be shouting out the great support group that I have behind me on a regular basis.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day and reading this. Hope you stay around for the journey that is about to come.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

When life tells you it is time to change priorities for a while\ I am sorry!

I don't even know where to begin. I feel like I have to say that I am sorry to all my readers, to the companies that I support and that have supported me. To friends, family and social media friends and family for not blogging in awhile however it is when life has to step in and take control. I started a new job the June where we had training from June 2nd to August 23rd. During this time, the training was so redundant that by July I was able to blog almost everyday while here at work. Then training was over and I had a schedule of 5am to 2pm. Now for people who know me I am a night owl. I usually go to sleep around 2am even if I have to get up at 6:00am . So having to get up at 3:45 in order to make it to work by 5am, meant I had to go to bed sometime around 11pm which was so foreign to me. After about a week and half of that schedule and one morning zoning out while driving to work which caused me to drive a mile past my exit to get off the interstate, I said to myself that this schedule just wasn't going to work for me. With this schedule I thought originally that it would be great. I would get off at 2pm be able to go straight to the Y (once I had gotten to a point where I could join) get my swim training in, then later in the day still be able to get my bike and/or swim in. However after that issue of driving past the exit to go to work, I walked into work that day scared and worried that I could fall asleep at the wheel coming to work. Someone was looking down on me cause by the time the boss got to work, first thing he did was ask me if I could switch my hours to 8am to 5pm and I jumped at that opportunity quickly. But in doing a new job or new position within a job, priorities have to change sometimes. When I was working 5am to 2pm, I would get home take what I would hope would be a 30 to 1 hour nap, then get up and enjoy the rest of my day before going to bed around 10 or so. However that little nap would become 3 hours. So it would be like I was getting home at 5:30pm just like before the difference was that I only had about 4 and half to 5 hours to get stuff down instead of 8 to 9 hours when I was going to bed at 2am. So get up around 5:30 get ready for the gym, get to the gym around 7:30 cause of spin class being over so I would have access to the bikes. Get down with workout at 9 then have an hour to eat and go to bed. That left me no energy to do anything else. No blogging, gaming or even just watching more than 1 show on TV. So things that I enjoyed suffered. I took another whole week off from training cause when I would wake up from my "nap" I would still be so tired due to the fact that it technically wasn't a nap but my body trying to sleep. You know when you nap too long how you feel even more tired and exhausted then before you went to sleep. So now after a week off from training then a week on, then I got a sinus cold which I could not breathe at all. Before we I was weightlifting not being able to breathe thru your nose was not that really big of a problem. Breathed thru your mouth, pound the weight up and go. However Triathlon training and not being able to breathe is not the same LOL. So that was another week off from training. So now we are feeling better and tonight is back at it. I am eager to get back at it but there is other things going on in my head that I will talk about in another post (right after this one LOL)

So again to Mio Global, SOS Rehydrate, Align Footwear, Swiftwick Socks, Skratch Labs, Jaybird, Gu Energy, Prime Nutrition and other great companies, I am truly sorry I have been quite on social media and on my blog. I was re-tweeting everything you guys would post but now Twitter for Android doesn't let me know when you tweet something so I have to figure that out in order to get back to the Re-tweeting. I have made it a mission to post something to the blog everyday even if it is short from now on. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Listening to what your body is saying to progress in your training/Mio Link

Training feels great while you are doing it. You get out there, get in the rhythm, sweat, push and when you get done you are spent but feel great about it on the way back home. Once you get home, you do your after workout ritual whether that is using a Normatec, foam rollers, frozen Sprite bottles with water in them (ME), stretch, elevate legs etc. Then the next day you just wake up, maybe sore or a little pain in a small spot somewhere, but think oh that is fine. You repeat that 3 to 5 days or more a week. But that pain doesn't go away, or you feel more tired than normal, or your heart rate is higher than normal during your training or when you wake up. Do we really listen to our bodies or does our Ego get in the way? Then we are so shocked when we are sidelined by an injury and think back to all the little pains we felt leading up to this injury.

Well this time I listened to my body and took a week hiatus from all training. And hopefully you reading this will think about what I am about to say and why I made the decision to take a break for a week to see if maybe your body is telling you "Hey bud, take a little break and let me recharge." So 2 Fridays ago (08/08/2014) was my last week of the 4th month of my Tri Training for the 2015 season. That workout was the longest, farthest and most resistance I have ever had on the bike then my run afterward had been again the longest and farthest so far. It went great like all my workouts have been so far. Pouring sweat, legs felt great and huge smile when done. Got home did my rolling of my plantars with Sprite bottles frozen with water in them. And the weekend I felt good. I could tell I pushed past my comfort zone by the way my legs felt on Saturday but it was a great feeling. Monday comes along and I can't wait to get back into the gym. I wake up and right away put on my Mio Link to check my Heart Rate. It is about 3 beats higher than normal but don't really think much about it. If you have been reading along, I was changing up my workouts last week. Going from a 3 day a week to 5 day a week schedule. So I was super excited to get in there that night. About an hour before leaving work, I got what I call a hot spot on the back of my Achilles tendon. It didn't hurt but was tender. I start doing little stretches when I can at work. It kind of comes and goes for the next hour at work. When I get home from work, I do my usual thing I always do since because the spin room is used till 7:15pm, I take my little 30 to 45 minute recharge nap LOL.I don't set an alarm to wake up in time to be at the gym by 7:45pm. So close my eyes and take my siesta. When I open my eyes, I am expecting to jump up and get going. However my body had different plans. I feel like I somehow interrupted the Sandman giving me a dose of sleep dust. I am so tried but I am going to go. Swing my feet to the floor, instantly Achilles looks at me and goes "Hot Spot!" so I reach down and start rubbing it. My Ego grabs hold of my mind and tells it "hey we are biking only today so it will be fine. You can stretch it every time on the drop stroke." Okay my mind says sounds good LOL. Then I look at the clock. 8:15pm!!! What happened?? So I put 1+1+1 together and get "I will give myself a day break and go on Tuesday thru Saturday straight" Obviously my mind was not in control cause not only was I going to a 5 day a week schedule but now I had committed myself to 5 days back to back. So Tuesday morning I wake up, check my Heart Rate and it is 5 beats higher than normal, Achilles is still tender and I am groggy as all get out. Just need to work on stretching the Achilles today at work and will be ready to go once I get my Redbull in me. Day goes by, Redbull helped, Achilles isn't a problem all day, I am feeling better about getting to the gym. Get home again *yawn* think I will take my little nap to recharge before heading out. Off to nappie world I go. Wake up feel like I have been drain of all energy, Achilles is now constantly hurting and again overslept. I am now upset at myself. Okay this is it. I will go on Wednesday or question about it and go from Wednesday to Sunday. Still only 5 days in a row (you might see where my mind is and is not working by now) I will be just fine. So not to just repeat what I said before but lets just say Wednesday was a repeat of Tuesday, however my mind finally understood math and the 5 days in row was actually 9 says in a row. So once I woke up after 8pm on Wednesday common sense tapped me on the shoulder and said "do you not see the signs??' 1. Your Mio Link has been telling you every morning that you resting rate has been at least 5 beats higher than normal, your Achilles has been looking up at you and saying "Friday you pushed me a little to far. I need so rest to repair and rebuild." and your naps have been over 2 hours (those aren't naps if they are that long, you are sleeping idiot LOL). So that is when I realized that my body had been given me signs this whole time. I think that if I didn't have the Mio Link and I didn't know what my heart was doing it could have gone a different way. So jump to today. Achilles is completely back to normal, heart rate is back to where it has been when I wake up and I felt some what rested this morning when I woke up. And the biggest thing, I am so pumped to be starting my 5 day workout schedule tonight.

I had decided to take a break every 3 months for a week to repair and recharge. But if you are seeing signs from your body, listen to them. Tell Mr. Ego to shut up and take a break. Will a week off set you back? Maybe if you are new it will slightly. Taking a week off now or having to take weeks or month off cause you "powered" through the pain and got injured, you tell me which you would prefer.

Thank you to Mio Link for the help with my training. It has made a world of difference and opened up more possibilities than I had before. Thank you to everyone that takes the time out of their day to read these posts. Hope I can help at least one person.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lionheart IndyCar Series: The Iowa "Corn Mash" 105 Race Recap

(This will be a post where I list things that I learned I need to work on in order to take advantage of my qualifying and many practice sessions)

Well what can I say. Fuel calculations you mean witch (to be PC!) I can not believe that this will be the 4th race in a row where fuel comes into play with my race. I am either having to splash and go with just a hand full of laps to go or I run out of fuel on the back straight and the car shuts off crossing the line like at Indy. And this time my mind is tell me one thing and the DashMeter Pro is telling me another.....and I listen to the stupid technology! Any way let get to what happened.

So another good qualifying session by me if I do say so myself. I qualified 3rd which I believe ties my best qualifying position so far this season. However it would be great if I could hold on to those spots. Being a very road race concentrated driver with about a season or 2 of Indy oval fixed under my belt, it makes one feel good when they out qualify people who have many more oval races under their belt. However what gives them the edge is the number of races under their belts. You can be the best qualifier in the history of any series but if you don't know how to handle traffic, draft, passing, clean driving and FUEL (HINT TO SELF!!) it doesn't mean anything. Got to first the race to have a chance at winning the race. So there I am sitting in 3rd thinking to myself. Alright given the fuel runs you have done, not in draft, you will run out of gas at 68 laps. So that is a one stop race. However the tires will last between 20 and 40 laps depending on how hard you drive and what line you take. From the practice rooms and listening to the other drivers, hugging the bottom burns up the tires quick. If you run a mid line around the track then they will last to about the 40th lap before you have to start lifting. Okay pace lap over, pace car in, leader goes and I floor it in 2nd!!! (I have to start practicing which gear is best for starting out based on which track we are at.) I hold my position with some luck but the front 2 get a jump on me probably starting in first. So again I will not give a lap by lap account of everything but the major points and what I took away from this race. Good clean racing till lap 26, the first caution of the race. Starting at about lap 20 maybe 21, Rick Music had caught up to me and we had a close battle for 4th I held him off up to lap 26 then the caution came out. However it must have come out the moment he passed me cause I got my position back. Okay Jeremy lets to math, 120 laps total minus the 26 we just ran leaves 94 laps left. I will run 67 laps then get gas. So that leaves me with 27 laps that I need fuel for after this stop. So a splash for about 7 gallons to be safe.

Alright so here is another part of work that I need to do, PIT STOPS!!  I come in sitting in 4th, fuel 4 tires I leave in 7th. And iRacing is good about simulations but all the "Pit Crews" are the same. So where am I losing time? Well after watching the replay that Tony Lurcock does for us every week on YouTube Lionheart Racing Series YouTube Channel (and sitting in 4th didn't hurt LOL) I can see that I come into the pit some what timid. I have the fear of overshooting the pit or sliding into the pit wall. Why do I have this fear.....cause I have done both multiple times. And why have I done both, cause I don't practice my pit stops as much as I should or even at all during practice sessions. And leaving the pits even with the pit limiter on I am nervous of spinning out and into said pit wall LOL. So losing .2 of a second could be 3 places easily. Also I am still getting use to the macro fuel settings you can do in the middle of a race. And after the race that I didn't take tires but didn't know that the tires were unchecked when I thought they were checked. So It is the lack of practice that causes me to lose these little seconds which add up. So out 7th....lets see what happens or I should say where my mind loses all of its smarts.

Up to full throttle again and we are going. Now all my fuel calculations this time are not taking the caution laps into consideration cause I look at those as laps in the bank. WRONG!!! Clean running, then caution 2 comes out. Okay lets run through the math again. Lap 49 plus 67 laps for a full tank run equals 116. Plus the caution laps should be enough to make it without stopping after this. I will just have to conserve my tires as best as possible to have some left near the end. I got this it is taking a chance but the math is sound (in my head). Again due to the same pit fears I come out in 11th. I lost 2 positions before the second caution. Okay starting 11th with a strategy that I feel like will give me a chance to win. Green flag waves and off we go again.. 22 laps later the 3rd and what will be the final caution comes out. Now this whole time I have been running the math for fuel in my head. This time for some unknown reason I look down at my DashMeter Pro, and it tells me that I have enough fuel to make it to the end. Lap 71 to lap 120 is 49 laps. I got this with the fuel I have left according to DashMeter Pro. So I stay out, back to 4th I know I can hold on to 4th so this is going to work. Green flag flies, heart is beating, could this be the first win for me in the series, could my fuel math finally work? HELL NO!!  I look down at my DashMeter Pro after getting up to speed and burning fuel. I look at fuel consumption and fuel remaining versus laps left = short 3 laps. But I look at fuel add (which is the fuel that DashMeter calculates I need to finish the laps remaining and it says 0). This is where the brain goes "Jeremy you have messed up 3 times with your fuel math so the DashMeter is right because it is taking caution laps into consideration.....AGAIN WRONG COME TO FIND OUT STUPID BRAIN!) And here I am for the next 45 laps watching the remaining fuel be 3 laps less than the remaining laps. Now I wonder if anyone caught the other mistake I made with the number of laps. In a race that has rolling starts according to DashMeter Pro, you complete 1 lap at the start of the race even though it is the pace laps before the green flag. So a 120 lap race is actually a 121 laps race according to DashMeter Pro. So I am thinking I am going to be 3 laps short actually I am going to be 4 laps short. So with 4 laps left I have to pit. I come into my pit stall with just .09 gallons left. Take 2 gallons and go back out. And where am I after coming back out.....2 laps down and in 14th place!!! I am so upset with myself. I watched the math on DashMeter Pro for over 40 laps and my brain explained what I was seeing was wrong and the add fuel to finish was right. I will have to try again in 2 weeks cause the next official points race will be on the iconic road course of Long Beach. FINALLY A ROAD COURSE.

Well even if I finished in 14th it did take me from 17th in the standings to 12th. I learn some lessons (I hope) and the biggest thing was I had fun (except at the end cause of my mistake). Please check out the video of the race at And look out for next weeks race recap of Long Beach, wire frames and all LOL

1: Richard Behr
2: Jeff York
3: Danno Brookins

1: Chris Lanini
2: Korey Connor
3: Vincent Bluthenthal

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

After 4 months of training "where am I"/ The supportive community that is Triathletes.

Just wanted to give a little update on where I am both physically and mentally. Also I have been wanting to express my feelings regarding the community of Triathletes and their supportive nature to even people they don't know.

I started this triathlon training 4 months ago. As I have said in a previous post, I have always wanted to do Kona since the past 10 years. If you read it says what my reasoning behind finally starting the training. So I made a training decision last night while spinning away on the bike. Ever since I started my training, I have been doing bike/run blocks. My long rides now is about 2 weeks away from hitting 2 hours then I hit the run which is pushing 30 minutes right now then abs after that. So on (what use to be Friday) my long day I am looking at almost 2 hours and 45 minutes, which I understand is nothing compared to once I build my base enough to take it to the 70.3 to 140.6 training levels. However during the week as I increase my ride and run as I have been if I stay with the same training route, I will be hitting the same 2 hours and 45+ minute workouts 3 times a week. With everything that I have started doing in my spare time ie ( blog, Lionheart Racing Series, iRacing, WOW and LOL) the days are just running out of hours for me to get the needed rest to recover from my training. My Tri training is my #1 priority so with how my training is scheduled now, the other things have to suffer. Most of you who are reading this has probably already come up with the decision that I made last night on the bike. I will be splitting up my training for a Monday, Wednesday and Friday to a Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday morning routine. You see what I have been doing to increase my seat time and run time is adding 5 minutes to my ride every week each day and doing the 'rule" of no more than 10% each run workout. That has come to a 65 minute bike (including a 5 minute warm-up) with 1.60 mile run then abs on Monday, 75 minute (including a 5 minute warm-up) bike with 1.60 mile run then abs on Wednesday and a 115 minute bike (again with the same warm-up) then 1.60 mile run with abs on Friday this week. So next week I would add 5 minutes to the bike and the 10% to the run. I said to myself that I would be capping my bike to 2 hours cause as I increase resistance on the spin bike (which is like using a bigger gear) the distance would increase each week instead of constantly increasing my time in the seat. But more so I will be competing at the Sprint and maybe Olympic distances next year. The 2 hour ride right now is almost the complete distance for the Olympic distance. Plus what I am sure a lot of you are saying is "Where is the swimming??" LOL Well that is also that will need to be added to this whole training schedule. I will be joining the Y hopefully here soon. When I was out of work for those 3+ months, it set us back so I had to make some sacrifices and joining the Y has been one of them. If however it doesn't seem like I will be able to join this year, I have already been looking into just competing in Duathlons next year until we can fit that into our budget. Little off subject there but now back on track. Going to the new schedule will keep me in the gym for now more than the 2 hour bike on Monday and Wednesday (once adding the 5 minutes each week gets me to 2 hours) and I will be doing my runs on Tuesday and Thursday until I hit 6.2 miles. Then I will finish up on Saturday with the 2 hour bike plus the 6.2 mile run once I get there. This allows me to build the base that I need plus frees up time in the evening for my #1 fan and my kids when I have them plus allows me to cover more of the other activities that I am doing. Which now includes recording and uploading to YouTube videos of my gaming and racing. I feel like because the past couple of weeks I have been feeling like there just isn't enough hours in the day that things have been neglected  ie this blog which I hold almost at the level of how committed I am to my Tri training. Also I have never really said where I am with my run training so now everyone knows. I feel like that is behind compared to the bike plus I am taking it slow and steady so that I hopefully won't get any injuries that could set me back for next year. By my calculations it will take me another 14 weeks or by January to hit the 6 mile mark which is perfect for the 2014 season to start in late February or first of March. With the help of my Mio Link I know that I am staying in my fat burning zone to train the safest best way possible. By training my body to burn fat first then use my carbs next allows me to last longer in a race. I will be letting you guys know how that goes next week. I will be starting to do it this week just cause it is my last week with my kids for the summer and with what is going on with them and me it just works best to go ahead and do it tonight and Thursday and Saturday even though I did my normal block last night. Mentally I am in such a great place when it comes to the training. I am so excited to get started with the swimming part and to compete my first race next year. Other than feeling like there isn't enough time in the week (which I am hoping this new schedule will fix) I am doing great which it has been awhile since I have felt like that. Physically I am still amazed some days at where I have gotten to. I did 21 miles on the bike last Friday my longest distance and time on a bike then went straight to the 1.43 mile run afterward. That might be a lot to most of you but to me it was huge. Also with the help and support of people and companies which I will get to in the next paragraph LOL. I look forward to every day in the week especially the training day which now will be 5 days a week, so I am excited to be able to get my workouts in that I need and not feel like I am losing any time for other things.

I have truly and utterly amazed at the support and help from the triathlon community since undertaking this challenge. I have heard from people that are just like me; beginners, from people who are winning or placing in their age group all the way to pros commenting words of encouragement about what I am doing or going through. Whether it be @RunTriMom in Chicago, @Iron_Mummy in Singapore, @davemirra, @mickydymond, @ben_bostrom (which is still awesome as F$%^!!!), @mburskey, @runhanley, @rudemuscle, @bigdaddyrob5428, and a ton of other ones to companies that have helped me and encouraged me. I got to start with the best and first @MioGlobal. They have been absolutely amazing, supportive and I would not be training the way I am without them. Second but definitely tied for first is @SOSRehydrate for their amazing support and what an amazing product they make. I can't wait to use it again Friday on my long ride and run (be on the look out for a review of their AMAZING product). Align Footwear is a new edition to the Team Jeremy. Having Plantar Fascittis and bad leg alignment their insoles have been absolutely amazing and so benefitail (again another review on the way). @SLSTRI, @PrimeNutria, @Swiftwick Socks, @HTFU (for great clothes), @Tyrsport (which I am hoping will be on Team Jeremy soon), @WattieInk, @Skratchlabs to name just a few. Plus the number of professionals that have either retweeted or Favorited my tweets or blogs.

Again thank you the person that takes the time out of their day just to read this. For the first 2 months, I got 700 views in the first month, another 700 in 3 weeks, then the most amazing thing happened. I got almost 2000 views in just 2 weeks and it is still going strong. I can not say how humble I am by that. I am constantly trying to improve and add things to this blog. Thank you everyone!!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

League of Legends: My Leap into the PVP Deep End and never looking back!

My original plan was to play on CO-OP vs AI till I reached level 20 then to jump into PVP so that I would only be 10 levels away from level 30 for Ranked. However the lure of PVP got me after I hit level 12. I realized that at level 12 I got all the summoner spells that were available so why not now. Plus after watching almost every single LCS NA and EU Summer Splits and talking with my friend GeneralFoamy08, that I realized the bots in CO-OP don't play like real people. Now a lot of you would already know this or think "no kidding".  But I am writing this for people like me who don't know or are just beginning to enjoy this most addictive game that is League of Legends.

So in watching the LCS for the past month or so, you start to see how the game is played by the best in the world. Go into lane, farm farm farm, harass the other champion in your lane, jungler sets up a gank then back to farming, buy and build, then teamfight, oh did I mention farm, then win or lose ROTFLMAO. Now when you play in CO-OP vs AI this is what happens, go into lane, other champion places himself between your minions and their minions, the try and kill you every time they get a chance, you trade shots at each other, you try to farm, no ganks from the bots, then you either snowball or get snowballed. So I knew from watching and talking that I had built my play-style to match what was going on in the LCS, that gave me the confidence to go ahead and make the plunge into PVP.

I can admit that I was nervous about going into PVP for the first time. I realize that I would be playing with people that I have never or will never meet in person. With the sheer number of people playing on League of Legends, I would probably never play with them ever again. But you still don't want to be the one to cause a loss, to get yelled at or raged on. Some people play just to have fun, while others play to get better and be as competitive as possible. I am the later but I want it to be fun. I replay every match that I play in to find out where I can be better and improve my game play. I watch a ton of videos that people have put up on YouTube in order to learn any little trick or tip that will improve my play. I read build guides from Mobafire, LOLpro and others as an example. I think about new champions that I can play later on as I level up. I can say that it lets me use my mind and think about a ton of strategies that I can come up with. 

Like the title says once you go into PVP, you won't ever want to go back and play CO-OP unless if you don't get your First Win of the Day bonus ROTFLMAO. I played my first couple of games and instantly knew that all the work that I have put in (which I know is not even a tenth of what other people have put in) has helped. My last hit skill was good not great yet, but was above average. I had to fine tune my build order and ability level up order which would take time. I got to experience my first team surrender that I voted against. I experienced my first champion in my lane feeding me and I experienced at least twice a horrible match up for me in lane. I saw what would happen if I was left unchecked and I snowballed. I saw what happens when the other team snowballs. I would always look at the champions on the other side that I went up against or that had snowballed and see what spells they had and why they did what they did. 

This game is such a great way for you to be able to think on the fly, to use strategy and build hand and eye coordination. I will say that I can't wait to people up a team of 5 that we can just play together and build our own strategy and tactics. Like with any of the eSport games right now, I feel like you can take a group of people and put them on a team (regardless of age) and they would be able to compete on an upper level with the right training and tactics. The whole idea that these type of athletes have a special type of skill or some genetic ability to me is not true. I am look to see if I can prove that with in the next year or so. They will have to be dedicated to wanting to excel at improving their game-play and compete at the highest level. 

Follow along with me as I set out to get to level 30 then move into ranked play. What would the LOL world come to if they saw a 40 yr old playing on the main stage at LCS???